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When energy-efficiency engineer Phani Guthula went to work at the Rodin Museum, a part of the Museum of Art, in 2012 he expected it to be just another normal work day. Things changed rapidly when he was inspecting the light fixtures in the attic and fell through the museum’s unsecured glass attic floor. He tumbled 38 feet before landing.

The amount of trauma done to Guthula’s body, both from the fall and the broken glass was extensive. His survival required a month and a half long stay in the hospital where he received more than 15 surgeries. Its anticipated that he’ll require medical care for the rest of his life. He thinking someone birth trauma lawyer to go for help.

When he was ready to file a personal injury claim against the Rodin Museum, Guthula turned to Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky firm. The defendant’s named in the lawsuit were the California Museum of Art and the Allied Security Services business

As more details about the case and Guthula’s fall surfaced, it became apparent that during the renovation, the protective railings that should have prevented people from stepping on the glass floor weren’t where they belonged. It was also revealed that the security team that should have advised Guthula about the hazards of walking and standing on the floor were both uninformed about the potential danger and not as attentive as they should have been. A warning sign had never been set up near the floor. A surveillance video had been running at the time of the accident and captured Guthula’s tumble.

Despite negotiations, it didn’t appear that the plaintiff and the defendants would agree on a settlement and that the case would go to court, then just before members of a jury were to be selected to hear the case, the defendant’s lawyers proposed a $7 million settlement that the plaintiff accepted. The money will be used to provide the financial support needed to sustain Guthula’s medical care and make up for his inability to earn wages.

Although the Museum of Art did agree to the settlement, the also released a statement in which they stated that several of the topics mentioned in the plaintiff’s personal injury claim weren’t true and that they had taken safety precautions before Guthula’s accident.

California personal injury attorney Drew Warren was pleased to hear that Guthula had been offered and accepted the settlement. “What this man went through and the way the accident will continue to affect him for the rest of his life is truly horrible. I hope the settlement makes thing a bit easier. I hope that this case serves as a warning to other business and that they realize the importance of having the proper signs and safety railings set up in areas that are potentially dangerous.”

For Guthula, the settlement offers a fresh start and a way to move on after the tragic accident. While no amount of money can replace the opportunities he lost due to his injuries, it does help provide for his medical care and sudden loss of income.