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Three North Myrtle Beach Officers Injured in Traffic Accident

By on Aug 6, 2016 in Traffic Accident |

When three North Myrtle Beach police officers started their shift, they didn’t expect to gain media attention after two of their cruisers were involved in an accident, but that’s exactly what happened. The two cruisers containing the three officers had stopped for traffic on U.S. 17, near Main Street. The driver of a blue Cadillac didn’t see the stopped cruisers...

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Families of Homeless Men Killed During a DUI Incident Accept Settlement

By on Aug 6, 2016 in DUI Incident |

The lives of two homeless men were tragically cut short when they were struck by a drunk driver According to the Sun Sentinel, 22 year old Alyza Rachel Russell is believed to have struck and killed both men while she was behind the wheel of her mother’s Porsche Panamera. The accident occered when Russel tried to turn left off Broward Boulevard onto SW 5th Avenue....

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Engineer Receives $7 Million Settlement After Injury at Rodin Museum

By on Jun 14, 2016 in Accidental Law |

When energy-efficiency engineer Phani Guthula went to work at the Rodin Museum, a part of the Museum of Art, in 2012 he expected it to be just another normal work day. Things changed rapidly when he was inspecting the light fixtures in the attic and fell through the museum’s unsecured glass attic floor. He tumbled 38 feet before landing. The amount of trauma done to...

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Caretaker Neglect Leads to the Death of a Disabled Man

By on Apr 7, 2016 in Accidental Law |

Darelle Red Bear had the perfect teen life. He was an active teen, playing sport, riding horses, and spending as much time outside soaking up life as he possibly could. Everything took a dark turn on the night of his junior prom. The gregarious teem left home to attend to the prom only to disappear with four classmates. They were missing for four days. When Darelle...

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